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“Good Morning Richmond” were the first spoken words to go over the FM airwaves for a music show on WRIR on January 1, 2004 at 9AM. The first song ever played was “Around The Dial” by The Kinks. The show was co-hosted by Jess Cundari Reilly and Gene Pembleton.

We brought a unique blend of UK and UK related music spanning six decades. The show evolved and took on a bit of a different flavor when Jess left and moved to Edinburgh and 16 year old girl wonder DJ Ira Calos replaced her as co-host with Gene Pembleton. This team was independent music’s version of Regis and Kelly on a Saturday morning as the show placed even more emphasis on new UK bands. The show became a carnival of sorts and opposite styles gelled. Ira went on to UCLA.

Mary Claire Whitaker co-hosted for a brief period before becoming one of the most active volunteers for the station. She has since moved to Mexico.

I (Gene Pembleton) am still here while Jess and Ira sit in on occasion to co-host when they’re in town. The format really hasn’t changed but more emphasis was placed on playing new and unsigned UK acts and a deeper catalog of old UK music. The show mixes vinyl and CD’s.

I (Gene) had developed many close relationships with volunteers that have come and gone. I (Gene) am thankful for this opportunity and will continue to bring you the most eclectic yet accessible show every week.

This show has played over a thousand new UK bands since it’s inception. This approach will never change.


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