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Sesame Street Fever was a strange, rare gem of an endangered animal that there was only one of in the first place. Although tons of celebrities had stopped by Sesame Street to appear as a guest on one song, the Bee Gees (specifically Robin Gibb) made an entire ALBUM with Sesame Street on this occasion. Crazily though, it became a cult classic.

The Bee Gees were at the height of their popularity at the time. Lending their songwriting and production skills to this weird bunch of songs sung by Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, etc. gave this record a strange importance. While beyond silly, it was still sonically noteworthy as an excellent example of the genre of disco.

We’ll hear songs contemporary to Fever, such as Islands in the Stream, to get a feel for disco in general. We’ll also hear a smattering of the Bee Gees and Sesame Street’s work independent of each other, just as a refresher. And then we’ll think about the other music around this concept – disco itself, but also children’s music that somehow attains importance outside of making little babies bounce. Steve Burns’ post-Blues Clues career in indie rock will be relevant, as will Daft Punk’s anime opera classic Discovery and even fan-made tributes to children’s music that convey the importance of melody and structure, which we’ll get our fix of from insaneintherain.


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216 September 22nd, 2018

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