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Twentieth-century giant Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) is perhaps best-known for his 1913 ballet ‘Le Sacre Du Printemps’ (The Rite Of Spring). No one had ever composed something so noisy and chaotic and downright loud. The percussion-heavy orchestra plays polyrhythms on top of polyrhythms, and was only the beginning of Stravinsky’s exploration of polytonality. The premiere performance caused such an uproar in the audience that dancers couldn’t hear the music, audience members screamed and threw things, and the crew backstage feared for their lives. It was a legendary night, and the young Stravinsky definitely made an impression on the musical world, but he wrote an awful lot more than that. He was one of the first European composers to embrace and love jazz and ragtime, and is reflected in some of his pieces like ‘Ragtime for 11 Instruments’ and ‘Ebony Concerto’ (composed for and performed by Benny Goodman). Let us examine highlights of his diverse and prolific career.

Here is what we are listening to:
-Pastorale for violin and chamber ensemble (1907)
-Fireworks for orchestra (1907)
-Four Etudes For Piano (1908)
-Three Pieces For String Quartet (1914)
-Les Noces for singers, choir, percussion, and four pianos (1914)
-Etude For Pianola (1917)
-Ragtime for 11 instruments (1918)
-Symphonies Of Wind Instruments (1920)
-Symphony Of Psalms (1930)
-Ebony Concerto (1945)
-Concerto In D for String Orchestra (1946)


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224 December 30th, 2017

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