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WRIR 97.3 fm - Richmond Independent Radio - Richmond Independent Radio

WRIR’s On Air Celebration

Oct 15–24

Show your support for Richmond Independent Radio and our passionate volunteers.

Give $60 once or $10 a month and we’ll give you a limited edition WRIR T-shirt.


If donating with cash or check, call the station at (804) 622-9747


  • WRIR survives and thrives on listener support. Donate today!

Dog Germs / Happy House presents:

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New Music Machine presents:

Tune in for new music from Cat Power, Kristin Hersh, Adrianne Lenker, Sharon Van Etten and Richmond's own Windhand.

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The 12 Fl Oz Show presents:

It sure seems like a world where Tom Petty isn't around anymore. I've always had a topical show; played songs for the times that mocked the headlines and the news of the day. Well, how in the hell are you going to do that this week or even this year? Let's just play it loud

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The Edge of Americana presents:

Songs of early fall, songs of bad men (and their fall), and new music from Psycho Exploding Orangutans, The Wooks, old music from Larry Richardson & Happy Smith (pictured), and more. Enjoy JB

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Wide Ear Folk presents:

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Tuesday Morning Breakfast Blend presents:

FINALLY, THE TIME HAS COME... to get a little spoopy. That's right, it's Halloween! Yes, every got-damn-day is HALLOWEEN! So, grab yer pumpkins and weegee borgs, and bring on the darkness! First up, to the movies!

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The Creepy Side of Love presents:


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Time Again Radio Show presents:

Another look back into songsters, solo recording artists and just some happenstance recording sessions featuring a single player. The bounds are arrived at and crossed throughout the list, but prove to make a fine blend of tunes. Dig in and come back for seconds. Art: Burgin Mathews

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The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit presents:

Hey Listenres, I have a special guest with me in the studio tonight. Rich Tarbell is up here. He is the author / photographer of a brand new beautiful book or portraits and an oral history of the Charlottesville music scene. We'll talk about his book and play a bunch of tracks from Charlottesville artists.

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Louisiana Dance Hall presents:

We'll get to know more about the musical engine pulling the Dixie Club Ramblers tonight. Thanks for tuning in! -DJ Talia

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